Elliott Hundley


Using a variety of materials, the eclectic sculptures of artist Elliott Hundley bring painterly qualities into three dimensions. The artist employs many different elements into his collaged sculptures, including magazines, found objects and family photos, along with pieces of fabric and thread all held together with pins and twist ties. His seemingly formal considerations dissipate as the viewer becomes closer to the work, revealing layers of information united by the artist’s laborious creative process. The density of each sculpture leads to the constant discovery of new images that offer endless possibilities of narrative and meaning. Last year, Hundley exhibited with the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and was also included in “LAXed: Paintings from the Other Side” at the Peres Projects in Berlin. Additional group exhibitions include, “Desired Constellations” with the Daniel Reich Gallery and “Curvaceous” at the Andrea Rosen Gallery, both in New York City.