Duncan Ganley


Investigating the nature of truth as told through the photographic lens, artist Duncan Ganley documents experience though a fictional language. The artist is currently exhibiting “midnight, mid-Atlantic,” a body of work that was produced during an artist in residence in Iceland, on view now at the Inman Gallery in Houston. Ganley has assumed the role of a researcher, developing a documentary, though completely fictional, about a movie director, his actors and his unfinished movie. Through these fictional narratives, Ganley places the viewer in a position to question the truth of the documentary and thus the truth of all lens-based media. About these ideas, Ganley says: “…the ability of technology to intervene in the veracity of the image, as well as the integrity of the location being photographed, reveal the shifting terms on which our understanding of historical significance (both personal and cultural) through the photographic image is based. Are the histories we learn just as ‘authentic’ as the fiction we see?” Ganley was born in the UK and received his MFA from Edinburgh College of Art. The artist has exhibited “Endless Filmset 2″ with the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, North Dakota, and “Opening Shot/End Titles” with Cornerhouse in Manchester, England. Ganley is currently a professor of photography at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas.