Sook Jin Jo


Korean-born, New York-based artist Sook Jin Jo creates large sculptural installations that are simultaneously concerned with the history of sculpture and the concept of meditation. Using elements of balance, color, texture and space, the artist selects and displays found objects that reflect the history of a specific place. The sum of each collected object creates a unified whole, as each one is a pivotal support for the other, literally and metaphorically. The artist was educated in Korea at the Hong-Ik University, College of Fine Art in Seoul (1985), and in New York at the Pratt Institute (1991). Since then, Sook Jin Jo has completed numerous site-specific installations, including “My Brothers Keeper” at Black and White Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y. (2006), and “All Things Work Together” at O.K. Harris Gallery in New York City (2004). The artist was also featured in Art in America (2005) and has been on the cover of Sculpture magazine.