Margi Geerlinks


Ideas of asexual reproduction, sexual identity and youth are pervasive in the digital photographs of artist Margi Geerlinks. Humanity is examined in her work through the themes of birth and time. While all of her images are digitally manipulated, Geerlinks’ photos remain mostly unaltered, confronting the viewer with the realistically absurd. The Dutch artist lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She is a graduate of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (1997) and attended the Art Academy Constantyn Huygens, Kampen (1995). In recent years, Geerlinks has exhibited with the Stux Gallery in NYC, Aeriplastics Gallery in Brussells and Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester, England. In addition, the artist is represented by TORCH Gallery in Amsterdam, and, in 2001, TORCH Books released “Crafting Humanity,” a book featuring the artist’s works.