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Andrew Dadson at Lawrimore Project

When one encounters an abstract painting with goopy paint and an expressionist hand, it is still hard not to be seduced by the sheer beauty of it. But in a day when even painting has to be smart, it is always a relief to find someone making objects that make you rethink your relationship to the world, not to mention your relationship to paint itself.[…..]

Greg Girard: Half the Surface of the World

There’s a lot happening in Vancouver, British Columbia right now, if you hadn’t noticed. Of course, I’m talking about art. Currently on view at Monte Clark Gallery is a solo show of new work by Vancouver-born Greg Girard. The exhibition, entitled Half the Surface of the World, presents photographs taken by Girard on his visits to more than twenty US military bases across the massive[…..]

Jeff Ladouceur

Currently on view at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica is a solo show of work by New York-based artist, Jeff Ladouceur. In the exhibition, entitled Barefoot in the Head, Ladouceur’s works of ink and graphite on paper present the viewer with motley scenes of tragicomedy, rendered with exquisite craft. The absurd moments of both humor and pain stretch neatly around the gallery walls like[…..]