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Mixtape Volume 1

Federal Art Project (FAP) in downtown LA recently hosted Mixtape Volume 1, a show featuring artists who use music subculture as impetus for their work. Shizu Saldamando‘s 5′ x 3′ graphite on wood piece, Maria Daniela y su Sonido Lazer Concert, Azusa, CA, was hung in the forefront of the gallery, begging viewers to take a closer look at her skilled draftmanship. With fluid strokes,[…..]

Perform! Now!

Saturday, July 25th, PERFORM! NOW! commenced on Chung King Road in Los Angeles’s Chinatown. Pendulous rows of scarlet lanterns lit the streets and walkways for spectators who gathered to watch performances by more than 30 artists. It was the area’s first event featuring new visual and sound art performances; a collaborative effort on the part of 12 different Chinatown galleries. One of the more convoluted[…..]

Mostly Sculpture (Damn It)

Samuel Freeman, formerly known as the Patricia Faure Gallery, features an eclectic sampling of contemporary sculptures and a few token paintings at, Mostly Sculpture (Damn It). Mr. Freeman initially sought to show new paintings, but ended up with sculptures instead, hence the parenthetical “Damn It.” From the get-go, the show flaunted a hipster flare, offering an ice cream social in lieu of traditional wine and[…..]

Hilary Pecis

Beset with bling and astral opulence, Hilary Pecis‘ collages are popping up everywhere; in contemporary art blogs, and reputable print publications. Currently, the artist has work in a solo exhibition titled Intricacies of Phantom Content, on view at San Francisco’s multi-disciplinary art space, Triple Base Gallery and in the exibition Remix at Catherine Clark Gallery. Pecis is an emerging Bay Area artist whose work has[…..]

Misako Inaoka

Survival Game , Misako Inaoka‘s, motley menagerie of animal hybrids, is currently on display through June 20th at the David Salow Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. The gallery is lined with tiny eye-level platforms staging metallic conglomerations in mid-stride. Perhaps they are on their way to complete utilitarian tasks for which their bodies have evolved industrial, and sometimes, military adaptations. Two chess boards complete with[…..]

Sigrid Sandstrom

Swedish painter, Sigrid Sandstrom, exhibits twelve of her newest abstract paintings at The Company in downtown Los Angeles from March 14th through April 18th. Sandstrom’s strength is revealing the paradoxical in both painting and nature. Even the artist’s preferred technique is an oxymoron–the transparent layering of opaque whites. Decision making, editing, working, and reworking are crucial elements of Sandstrom’s finished work. She purposefully leaves behind[…..]

Elias Sime

Eye of the Needle, Eye of the Heart is a celebratory exhibition honoring the creative accomplishment of Ethiopia’s most prolific contemporary artist , Elias Sime. The scope of the work is staggering– the Santa Monica Museum‘s main gallery is completely filled with a selection of more than 100 of his mixed media pieces, all done within the last 20 years. Sime fabricates sculptures, stuffs goat[…..]