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The distance between two lovers: An interview with Chase Folsom

Chase Folsom, a recent graduate from the MFA program at University of Colorado Boulder, is trained as a ceramic artist but now practices across sculpture, photography and installation. His work itself is about tenderness and isolation in equal measure. As Roland Barthes’ wrote in his great A Lover’s Discourse, Folsom describes and rehearses the “logic of desire” (and the logic of anticipation) in every piece[…..]

#Hashtags: Lolo, the Virgin Bride

Lolo Clip 3

    I am consumed by the Olympics. I’ve been counting down the seasons until the summer of 2012 and the days until July 29th. When the Olympic Games are being televised, I schedule my work and social life around watching my chosen events (gymnastics, swimming, and above all, track and field). This is a good moment to include the information that I was competitive[…..]

Michael Berryhill’s Impossible Art


Michael Berryhill’s oil paintings at KANSAS make me uneasy. In trying to decide why, I made a list of the things that remind me of his work. Instead of smoothing these references out into a proper review (as I had initially planned), I present them to the reader as is. I believe that this enumerated strategy will better serve objects that, by their very nature,[…..]

Fort at Lime Point: John Chiara at Von Lintel Gallery


Every photographer has wished, at some point, that they could substitute the lens for their own eye. John Chiara does the next best thing: he crawls inside his homemade camera, the size of a small Uhual trailer, in order to make unique photographs. He may not be able to be the camera’s retina, but he can certainly inhabit its brain. The results are monumentally large[…..]

Unweaving the Rainbow: An Interview with Mike Womack

Colorado-based artist Mike Womack’s show Spectres, Phantoms, and Poltergeists opened at the Chelsea gallery ZieherSmith on September 15.  DailyServing’s Carmen Winant had a chance to catch up with him this weekend to chat about his practice and the new work. Carmen Winant: What is your background in fine arts? Are you trained in sculpture and is that how you would define your practice? Mike Womack:[…..]

An Interview with Zoe Crosher

Zoe Crosher’s haunting photographs—showcasing spots where both fictional and non-fictional characters disappeared—have been on display for the last month at Las Cienegas Projects in Los Angeles.  The show closes July 16th.  Crosher recently sat down with DS writer Carmen Winant to talk about the project and her work in general. Carmen Winant: Hi Zoe! Thanks for agreeing to talk with us.  In your latest series,[…..]

For A Long Time at Roberts & Tilton

In The Body in Pain: The Making and Unmaking of the World, scholar Elaine Scarry describes the inability of language to interpret and express physical pain: “By its very nature, pain resists, even destroys the language that grapples with it.” But what of the capacity of visual art to interpret and translate this bodily experience? “For a Long Time”, on view now at Roberts &[…..]