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I am always interested in the fine line between design and art. The conversation usually erupts in pursed lipped dialogues that are wonderful in their tenuous confusion.  Designers and artists too often set up in one rigidly defined camp or another and fly flags proclaiming the value of the emotional emphasis of art or the pragmatic necessity of design. The ideologically large—but practically small—ravine separating the two is fiercely guarded and both worlds potentially (depending on the stringency of ones alliance) suffer for it.  The new work of German artist Sabrina Siedt is a lovely tightrope between the two worlds and one she walks with great elegance. Identifying herself as both a fashion photographer and conceptual artist, Siedt weaves the ideal bodies of her subjects with sculptural elements, the purpose of which is not immediately identifiable nor necessary.

Siedt says, “I connect values with the environmental material and create photos with an emotional language and absurd aspects.”  The photos are clearly influenced by and arguably benefit from Siedt’s training in fashion photography and while they come with editorial trademarks—contorted bodies, gravity defying hair and disjointed story lines—they ultimately read as a set of art works.

Siedt studied photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmun. She has exhibited at  Vernissa Ge KSK-Ausstellung in Bochum and at the Welten Am Fluss in Recklinghause.