March, 2008

Destroying Prettiness: Wangechi Mutu and Kara Walker

Wangechi Mutu will never experience the heated backlash that Kara Walker experienced. No one will call Mutu the “patsy of the white art establishment,” accuse her of selling fellow black artists down the river, or launch a letter-writing campaign to keep her artwork from being shown. There are good reasons for this: unlike Walker, the Kenyan-born Mutu does not share the slavery lineage of African-American[…..]

Sadie Benning

Videomaker Sadie Benning began making films at age sixteen with her Fisher-Price Pixelvision toy camera, a gift from her avant-garde filmmaker father. In her early videos from the 1990s, she retreated to the comfort of her bedroom to film intensely personal single channel videos exploring the themes of emerging sexuality and lesbianism. Experimental filmmakers like Benning loved the black and white grainy images and box[…..]

2008 New York Art Fairs

This week marks the beginning of the 2008 New York art fairs (complete list). The most notable of them, The Armory Show, features 150 of the world’s top contemporary art galleries showcasing the latest in today’s artwork. The show historically dates to 1913, where the first International Art Fair took place in New York’s 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets.[…..]

Kim Dorland

For his first show with Freight +Volume in New York, Canadian artist Kim Dorland will be presenting several new paintings in the exhibition “North,” in which he explores placing figures in various surroundings. Born in Alberta, Dorland draws his imagery from his native landscape in large-scale representations of a forgotten mid-century suburbia and its surroundings, ennobling the banal. His settings are as much the subject[…..]

Guy Rombouts

Pocket Room has recently opened in Antwerp. Why new galleries continue to open, while the local art market continues to shrink, is anyone’s guess. Maybe it’s the image of success postulated by the other new galleries that spur them on. Let’s hope it’s the pure love of art that has inspired Pocket Room to open their doors. To kick start this new gallery, they have[…..]

Monica Canilao & Swoon

The exhibition “Feral” which opened this weekend at the Luggage Store in San Francisco is a collaborative show created by artists Monica Canilao and Swoon. Through the construction of immersible environments, the artists create a domain “populated by wicked women and feral girls.” They use wood, paint, paper, and found materials in the fabrication of their mystical and spontaneous world. Canilao is interested in the[…..]

Lawrence Weiner

Photo: Ken Adlard Courtesy of the artist and Lisson Gallery And Larry makes three. Over the last month London has had the privilege of hosting new work from three of the father figures of contemporary art. Besides Ed Ruscha and Larry Clark, there was also Lawrence Weiner. Weiner’s exhibition took place at Lisson Gallery, and just ended last week. These guys have inspired generations of[…..]