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In Perpetuity: Abstract Now/Abstract Then at the Berkeley Art Museum

All abstract art has one thing at its core:  the human body.  The existence of abstract art is as old as humankind, as are its attempts to either translate or transcend bodily experience without that pesky figuration getting in the way.  This conflict is even present etymologically:  the word ‘abstract’ boils down to meaning something along the lines of ‘drawn away’ – or ‘separated from[…..]

Mystery Spot

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Pierre Restany, the critic who co-coined the term Nouveau Réalisme, was supposed to be there for Yves Klein’s first Leap into the Void. Weeks earlier, Klein had told Restany “he was going to do something very ‘important.’” He was “going to give a practical demonstration of levitation,” and he wanted Restany to[…..]

A Gentle Art of Disappearing

True story: A student goes to his teacher for instruction. The guru, having observed him, says, “You are charming. This is an obstacle to your growth. From now on, when you are in a room of people do nothing, do not seduce them and do not charm them, but leave behind only a scent.” “What scent is that, teacher?” “Love.” I’ve heard this story a[…..]