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The Modern Monster

As a part of our ongoing partnership with Art Practical, today we bring you a review by Matt Sussman of the exhibition The Modern Monster at Queens Nail’s Gallery in San Francisco. “What kind of monster are you?” is the chorus from a single by the ’90s pop-punk group Slant 6.1 The question accuses the listener of being something other than human. However, the singer-guitarist Christina Billotte’s flat[…..]

Valerie Hegarty and Shannon Plumb at Nicelle Beauchene

Valerie Hegarty’s recent work at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery can be described as “petrified relics.”  After recreating famous works of art that recall Pollock, Rothko, and LeWitt, Hegarty then skillfully destroys parts of the work  to suggest damage by natural events.  Starry Rothko appears to be a Mark Rothko painting singed beyond recognition by fire and heat, leaving only a smoldering vestige of what is considered[…..]