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Josue Pellot

Chicago artist Josue Pellot deploys several mediums and styles in order to examine his Puerto Rican roots as transplanted into the quintessential American experience – that is, as mediated by pop culture and consumerism in his current exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center.  Thus, he displays a photomontage of the iconic fortress El Morro in Puerto Rico in which it is conflated with a supermercado/laundromat/liquor[…..]

Melanie Schiff : Mirror & Mastodon

Melanie Schiff: Mirror Los Angeles-based photographer Melanie Schiff opened her New York solo debut with Horton & Liu gallery last week. The exhibition, titled Mirror and Mastodon, features 8 mid-sized photographs that investigate ideas of spirituality and collective experience through the intersection of man and nature. While the images don’t contain any figures, the influence of man on the landscape is evident. The photograph titled[…..]