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2011 Turner Prize recipient Martin Boyce

Today’s feature is brought to you by our friends at Flavorwire, where Marina Galperina discusses the 2011 Turner Prize recipient Martin Boyce. The prestigious Turner Prize has just been awarded to Martin Boyce at the BALTIC gallery in Gateshead, and this is the “a quietly atmospheric, lyrically autumnal installation” that won it. The 43-year-old can now proudly strut around as the hottest British artist under[…..]

Turner Prize Sound Off

As the most notorious art world prize in Britain, the Turner Prize is known to ignite controversy – from Damien Hirst’s dead sheep and Martin Creed’s lights going on and off, to Tracey Emin’s drunken appearance and the expletives Madonna released on live television the year she presented the prize. However, it seems as if the Turner Prize might be growing up – emerging out[…..]

From the DS Archive: Rachel Whiteread

Originally published on December 12, 2008 Rachel Whiteread, who lives and works in London, has created a new politically charged piece titled Place (Village) on view now at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. In an interview, she explained “she has been making the same work since college, which involves working with objects and histories and time.” In this exhibit, she deviates from using[…..]