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Marilyn Minter’s Paintings from the ’80s [NSFW]

Today’s article is brought to us from our friends at Flavorwire, where Rozalia Jovanovic discusses Marilyn Minter’s works from the 1980’s. Two distinct bodies of work from this period are on view at Team Gallery in New York City. Appropriation, commodification, and the body are some themes from the ’80s art-world discourse that artist Marilyn Minter embraced in her paintings from that time period, a[…..]

Seasonal Depression Syndrome Lives at Team Gallery

If the come hither of May’s New York Gallery Week annoyed the crap out of you, then maybe KRATOS — ABOUT (IL)LEGITIMATE(D) POWER at Team Gallery has just the gravitas you’ve been seeking. Monochrome in execution and serious in tone, this Debbie Downer of a show stands in stark contrast to the group hugs that typically fill galleries’ summer schedules. The show is dominated by[…..]