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Epic Fail: Levi’s Station to Station Derails in Oakland

Modified promotional image for Levi’s Station to Station project, 2013; organized by artist Doug Aitken

Today we bring you an an update to Christian L. Frock‘s mid-September article about the Station to Station project by Levi’s. Although Frock originally balanced her skepticism about corporate sponsorship for the arts with a healthy dose of optimism by concluding, “Perhaps there is hope yet for privatized culture,” when she finally attended the event at the end of last month she was met with a host[…..]

Nomadic Art Experience Pulls Into Oakland

Promotional image for Levi's Station to Station project, 2013; organized by artist Doug Aitken.

As part of our ongoing partnership with KQED Arts, today we bring you a thoughtful consideration of Levi’s Station to Station project. Author Christian L. Frock notes, “Though it seems unlikely that corporate benefactors will support politically potent, radical, or controversial artworks, perhaps the support leveraged by these popular and populist ‘public art’ opportunities will allow artists to engage in work that challenges us to think[…..]