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The statement series
: Hypercolon : Nathaniel Mellors & Chris Bloor

Nathaniel Mellors and Chris Bloor’s current show :Hypercolon : at SMART Project Space in Amsterdam, is a labyrinth of humorous narratives with a penchant for satire and the grotesque. Mellors and Bloor cleverly incorporate the SMART project Space’s historical function as a morgue, as a starting point to create a narrative framework that pushes and manipulates the relationship between artwork and audience. Each exhibition space is[…..]

Nathaniel Mellors: Ourhouse

What happens when language fails? Madness. In a crumbling estate in the English countryside, ‘The Object’ descends upon a peculiar liberal upper class family. No one recognises him as human. As he mechanically and menacingly eats their books and expels them, language, meaning, places and perception deteriorate into obscurity. This is the premise of British artist Nathaniel Mellors’ work ‘Ourhouse‘ – an absurdist dramatic series[…..]