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Mark Mulroney: Weatherbee’s Revenge

Weatherbee’s Revenge is the title of a new exhibition featuring works by Mark Mulroney, which opened last night at Chicago’s Ebersmoore Gallery. When the artist was a child, his mother gave him a book titled “What’s Happening To Me?” in hopes of answering all of his questions concerning puberty and sex. For the show, Mulroney continues his irreverent imagery through a new series of works[…..]

1000 DAYS: Mark Mulroney

For the 1000 DAYS exhibition, artist Mark Mulroney will present a new site-specific wall painting. The images shown are studies from the artist’s sketchbook in preparation for the new piece, which is being created at the Scion Installation Space in Los Angeles over the next few days. The artist’s work is linked together by an unmistakable humor and graphic sensibility. Mulroney moves seamlessly through several[…..]

Mark Mulroney

Artist Mark Mulroney opened his third exhibition with Mixed Greens in New York City this weekend, titled Follow the Nosebleeds. For this exhibition the artist uses a variety of media such as drawing, paintings, sound and sculpture to examine stories of traditional American life. Seeming disconnected memories of the artist synthesis into a variety of irreverent religious imagery and references of contemporary american culture. The[…..]