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Interview with Marc Horowitz

Marc Horowitz, a self-described “maximalist,” has permeated American culture with his socially-oriented projects and playful enterprises. His work includes video, drawing, cultural experiments, and the dynamic use of networks like twitter and youtube. In 2004, while working as a photo assistant for Crate & Barrel, Horowitz wrote “Dinner w/ Marc 510-872-7326″ on a dry erase board that was included in their fall catalog. He received[…..]

Miami Art Fairs: Tom Sachs and the Neistat Brothers

The Art Video Program at Art Basel Miami Beach, curated by New York’s Creative Time, presented three short films by Tom Sachs and the Neistat Brothers at the Oceanfront area last night, Waffle Bike, Obstacle Course, and Space Program. The Neistat Brothers (Casey and Van), based in New York, have made several short videos and have a new show coming out on HBO. They started[…..]

Marc Horowitz

Bay Area artist, entrepreneur and organizer Marc Horowitz gained national attention when he wrote “Dinner w/ Marc 510-872-7326,” his actual name and cell number, on a dry-erase board, which was published in a Crate & Barrel catalog. Soon after, calls poured in, and Horowitz began “The National Dinner Tour,” a traveling, dinner-eating, cross-country adventure. Since, the artist has produced several projects, including “The Errand Feasibility[…..]

Mark Horowitz

Marc Horowitz is a San Francisco based conceptual artist who works in a variety of mediums from photography to absurd video and performance. Horowitz is the co-creator of Sliv & Dulet Enterprises, a conceptual company staffed with thirty artists posing as business people to developing problems for people’s solutions. National Dinner Tour is a recent project that has been featured on dozens of radio stations,[…..]