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Louise Bourgeois: A Dangerous Obsession


Louise Bourgeois’ life is not just any open book – it more resembles a multi-volume anthology with pages torn out, chapters re-written, and notes cryptically hidden in the margins. While Bourgeois spoke openly about many of the subjects which infiltrate in her work, including the difficult relationship she had with her adulterous father and her traumatising childhood, she did not share unconditionally, and as we[…..]

He disappeared into complete silence: Rereading a Single Artwork by Louise Bourgeois

‘Oh’, she said. I looked down and saw the lady. She looked confused. ‘I thought those legs were part of the artwork, but they’re yours’. The legs in question were mine. They were stood on a ladder while the upper half of my body had disappeared into the attic. It had been watching a fairly horrendous film in which two men were making something unidentifiable[…..]

The Person Who Wants Everything

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Alex Van Gelder had a rare privilege: he spent the last year of Louise Bourgeois’s life in her town house, photographing her. His opulent, raw images of the art goddess appear in the September issue of W Magazine, along with idiosyncratic tributes by artists and friends (Wendy Williams remembers a dinner of[…..]

Louise Bourgeois: Mother and Child, at Gallery Paule Anglim

This past weekend, the art world took a collective breath as it was informed of the death of a titan, French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. At the age of 98, Bourgeois had accomplished an impressive sixty-year career which, at the time of her death, was continuing to gain momentum. Bourgeois was born December 25, 1911 in Paris, France where her artistic career started as a young[…..]