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Berliner Culture and The Kidney Bean Burrito


The natural tendency, when attending a show that promises to give you a sampling of a locale, is to define that culture through the exhibition’s cohesion. With everyone in Berlin identifying as an artist (a little hyperbolic), the saturation leads to a lot of “bad” art and “good” art, however you personally define it, making pinning down what is vital in the art world here[…..]

Cyprien Gaillard at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin

Today’s video is from our friends at ArtStars*, a traveling show about the contemporary art world, out to uncover the 7 Unsolved Mysteries of the Art World — one art scene, one country at a time. In this video, host, Nadja Sayej, talks with Parisian artist Cyprien Gaillard about his installation at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. The installation involves hundreds of cases[…..]