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Summer Session – Art & Vexation: Interview with William Powhida

William Powhida, Cynical Advice, 2012. Graphite, colored pencil, and watercolor on paper, Cynical Advice, 15” x 20”, Graphite, colored pencil, and watercolor on paper, 15 x 20 inches

For this Summer Session we’re thinking about celebrity, and that also means thinking about what it means to both loathe and desire its effects for oneself. There is no denying that the art world is often driven by the forces of celebrity, and William Powhida makes the core of his practice a thorough critique of this system. His work responds to the ambivalent desire for status[…..]

Art & Vexation: Interview with William Powhida

William Powhida, Oligopoly (Revised), 2011. Watercolor, acrylic ink, and colored pencil on panel

William Powhida’s text-based drawings* skewer the contemporary art world with relish. From fake Rolling Stone magazine pages to charts explaining economic relationships, or trompe l’oeil pages torn from the notebook of an art-world malcontent, Powhida sticks his finger into the wounds of modern culture. For example, What Do Prices Reflect? pessimistically lists the rationale used to determine an artwork’s financial value: “Whether or not the work[…..]

Inward Bound: Jules de Balincourt & the Next to Last Show at Deitch Projects

While it may seem that every press release these days somehow equates the art on view with the Obama era, things really are better now that big dummy Bush is out of office and you can feel it in Jules de Balincourt’s current show, Premonitions, at Deitch Projects.  I’m not saying this show screams, “Yes, We Can,” but with the oppressive anxiety of the Bush[…..]

Jules de Balincourt

New paintings by French-born, New York-based artist Jules de Balincourt will be presented in an exhibition entitled “Unknowing Man’s Nature,” opening this weekend at the Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL) in New York City. This will be Balincourt’s third exhibition with the gallery, featuring paintings that are often rooted in American political and historical themes, illustrated with text-based design. Balincourt has exhibited internationally at the Palais[…..]

Jules de Balincourt

The paintings of French-born artist Jules de Balincourt are saturated with Americana references. The artist was raised on the West Coast and was immensely influenced by contemporary culture in America. In the “U.S. World Studies” series, de Balincourt uses the American map, dividing and re-attributing the state divisions to form a new layout of the United States. Other works reference graphics appropriated from 1940’s Hollywood[…..]