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America’s Southwest in Amsterdam.

Anya Gallaccio’s current exhibition ‘highway’ at Annet Gelink Gallery in Amsterdam, is a graceful expression of a personal journey through the life and career of this leading British artist. Widely known for the ephemeral nature of her chosen materials, Gallaccio typically emphasizes notions of permanence, time, and decay. Yet, in her fourth show with Annet Gelink Gallery a preference for transient organic material has been[…..]

Anthony McCall at Luciana Brito, São Paulo

How does meanwhile effect an artwork? British artist Anthony McCall’s exhibition at Luciana Brito in São Paulo suggests a retrospective of an artist who returned to art-making in the last decade after an over-20 year hiatus. McCall’s reemergence is marked by revisiting and further developing what began as his “solid light” films made in the early 1970s: installations of hazy, darkened rooms with slow-moving beams[…..]

Have you been inside ‘The Bubble’?

It’s the burning question floating around London’s artworld these days. The number of smug souls who have entered James Turrell’s giant sphere at Gagosian Gallery slowly grows as the days pass, while others desperately long to get inside and experience first-hand what the buzz is all about. For decades, the illustrious Californian artist has used light as his medium. His aspirations have never been modest.[…..]