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Spotlight: N-o-nS…e;nSI/c::::a_L


This summer, Daily Serving is shining a light on some arts publications that we admire, and this week we’re focusing our attention on the work of N-o-nS…e;nSI/c::::a_L. We’re starting off the week with an excerpt from Harry Dodge’s “The River of the Mother of God: Notes on Indeterminacy.” Co-founder Vivian Sming writes, “Dodge begins his text by describing it as a chain of ‘decontextualized paragraphs, notes.’ Dodge creates a dizzying trail,[…..]

How to Make a Non-Didactic Video

Camille Henrot. Grosse Fatigue, 2013; Video: color, sound, 13 min. © ADAGP Camille Henrot. Courtesy the artist, Silex Films and kamel mennour, Paris.

Today from our friends at Glasstire, we bring you Joshua Fischer’s assessment of two videos currently on view in Houston, Texas. Instead of comparing works in the same exhibition, Fischer reviews videos by the artists Hito Steyerl and Camille Henrot in two different shows and defines the likenesses between them. He notes, “Steyerl and Henrot may have different outlooks and approaches […] but luckily they share[…..]

Edinburgh Art Festival

Each year, from mid-summer to early fall, the arts converge in Scotland’s capital city.  The Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe are well-known venues for the performing arts.  The Edinburgh Festivals have expanded to include art forms such as film, jazz and blues, storytelling, and books.  The visual arts is no exception in having its own festival platform.  Taking place throughout August and[…..]