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Kati Heck

German artist Kati Heck uses a unique synthesis of photorealism, illustration and painterly expression to create seemingly collaged paintings. Heck’s work is often auto-biographical and explores her personal experiences as well as elements of contemporary culture through outside references of pornography, architecture, art history and instruction manuals. The possible narratives in her work are influenced by comics, mystery novels and film and often contain people[…..]

Nedko Solakov

In a piece titled “Art & Life (In My Part of the World),” Nedko Solakov created a piece in a vacant and dilapidated apartment to illustrate a narrative about the distraught life of a piece of art. She, the work of art, felt neglected in this house and thus moved itself into the most well-lit room and on top of several tables. The entire apartment[…..]


Austrian-based artist group Gelitin is comprised of four artists — Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither and Tobias Urban. The artists are internationally known for their ambitious and absurd projects and performances. Pictured above is a giant 200-foot long and 20-foot high bunny sculpture, stuffed with hay in the hills of Artesina, Italy. The pink bunny was installed in 2005 and will remain in place,[…..]

Darina Karpov

Artist Darina Karpov will open an exhibition titled “New Work” tonight at Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, N.Y. The drawings exhibited contain elements of both abstraction and figuration as forms take on multiple connotations. The organic compositions are comprised of images from art history and advertising and images archived from the artist’s life. These images are combined to create a mini-world of activity. Karpov was born[…..]