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Who’s In And Who’s Out at Frieze New York 2013

As a part of our partnership with Huff Post Arts, today we bring you a story written by Rozalia Jovanovic of BLOUIN ARTINFO about Frieze Art Fair in New York. While Frieze New York has more exhibitors this year than last — around 190 to last year’s 180 — there’s still not enough room for everyone, and competition for entry was fierce. The second edition of the fair sees[…..]

Maybe Techno Doesn’t Suck? Cosima von Bonin and Moritz von Oswald, The Juxtaposition of Nothings at Friedrich Petzel

This show reminds me of the time I danced for hours at a club in Cologne, caught part of an arthouse film next door, and then somehow ended up at a bar where a bunch of people I didn’t know were drinking like it was the end of the earth. Ok, so that never happened. But I feel like Cosima von Bonin’s current show, The[…..]

Why I Love Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton’s work functions beautifully on material and conceptual levels. Guyton, currently represented by Friedrich Petzel in New York, is well-known for his work using the symbol X: represented sculpturally by black planks propped in a landscape, or markered onto a photograph, or printed in repeating patterns on linen. But lately I’ve been looking at his large-scale paintings from 2007/2008 and marveling over the way[…..]