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Maybe Techno Doesn’t Suck? Cosima von Bonin and Moritz von Oswald, The Juxtaposition of Nothings at Friedrich Petzel

This show reminds me of the time I danced for hours at a club in Cologne, caught part of an arthouse film next door, and then somehow ended up at a bar where a bunch of people I didn’t know were drinking like it was the end of the earth. Ok, so that never happened. But I feel like Cosima von Bonin’s current show, The[…..]

At the time of atmospheric precipitates—exhibition is not function

Currently on view at Blindside in Brisbane, Australia, is the collaborative exhibition, At the time of atmospheric precipitates—exhibition is not function. An exercise in creative flexibility of sorts, the collaboration between Brisbane-based artists Danielle Clej and Ruth McConchie consists of a constructed “kaleidoscopic labyrinth,” which explores the architectural boundaries of the space. During the short installation period, the duo arranged and rearranged objects and improvised[…..]

Clayton Brothers

Clayton Brothers, Rob and Christian, take root in the artists’ immediate environment, referencing local business, neighborhood characters, overheard conversations and local signs that exist outside of the artists’ California-based studio. Dense with information, these fractured narratives come to life through a unique collaborative process. The brothers rarely work on the same canvas at one time or even discuss the work while it’s being created; instead[…..]