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Kim Simonsson

Through the medium of ceramics artist Kim Simonsson questions the role of the child and nature in the modern world. Often referencing Manga cartoon imagery, children and sometimes animals are presented in Simonsson’s work to challenge tradition, cultural habits and beliefs for both the East and West. These traditions are also challenged through the artist’s choice of material. Simonsson uses ceramics to draw a parallel[…..]

Mark Schoening

By synthesizing ideas of modern technology and the experience of life in the information era, the artist Mark Schoening offers a social commentary about the effects of inescapable media. While the paintings are a reflection of our time, they certainly speak of the possibilities and ramifications of future technological growth. Schoening attempts to capture this atmosphere in a fixed image, allowing the viewer the opportunity[…..]

Os Gemeos

The artist duo “Os Gemeos” are identical twin brothers from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Os Gemeos gained international notoriety from their ambitious campaign of visual characters in the city of Sao Paulo. Some of these characters are painted six stories high or more. In 1993, while only 19 years old, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (Os Gemeos) met with young American graffiti writer Barry McGee. The three[…..]