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Summer Session – The Mohn Games

Meg Cranston, Made in L.A. 2012 installation view at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. Photo by Brian Forrest.

For this Summer Session we’re thinking about celebrity, and one of the key ways in which celebrity status is produced in the art world is through the winning of prestigious awards. While these awards spotlight contemporary art, they often come at the cost of reducing the conversation around works to their marketability, and introduce the artists themselves to a number of ceaseless public media inquiries. Today[…..]

From the Archives – #Hashtags: Georgia Sagri is otherwise occupied

GEORGIA SAGRI, "Working the no work/Travaillez je ne travaille pas/Δουλεύοντας τη μη δουλειά," Whitney Biennial 2012, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Courtesy of the artist and Melas Papadopoulos, Athens. Copyright Georgia Sagri. Photo: Paula Court

Three years ago this week, Occupy protests had spread to over 851 cities in 82 countries. Today from our archives we bring you a look back at Carol Cheh’s consideration of Georgia Sagri’s practice in relation to the Occupy movement. Cheh reminds us: “The real point of Occupy, after all, was to occupy oneself and one’s own actions, to keep seeking ways out of the status quo,[…..]

Georgia Sagri is otherwise occupied

#Hashtags provides a platform for longer reconsiderations of artworks and art practices outside of the review format and in new contexts. In the prelude to his book The Triumph of Anti-Art, Thomas McEvilley held up the Greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope, founder of the School of Cynics, as a prototypical conceptual and performance artist who strove to break down the barriers separating philosophy and life.[…..]