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The Clock, Cremaster Cycle, and the Otolith Trilogy

The world doesn’t need any more films. The world doesn’t need any more video art. So if you’re going to bring an image into the world, you have to think it through. –Kodwo Eshun After 50 years of production, distinct periods are appearing in the history of video art. Not distinct ism’s or manifesto driven bubbles, but separate works that seem palpably similar. As the[…..]

Object Lessons at the Carpenter Center

Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories. Unpacking my Library The inventiveness of how we handle the innumerable things around us, is the hallmark of a certain form of contemporary art. I don’t know if we have a single word for this longstanding tendency in art, but I think Penelope Umbrico and Steve Wolfe can be[…..]