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Best of 2012 – The Big Picture: An Interview with Edward Burtynsky

SOCAR Oil Fields #6 Baku, Azerbaijan, 2006 / Courtesy of the Artist

As part of our ten-year anniversary celebrations, we’re considering the best of a decade of arts writing. Today’s selection comes from editor Deanna Lee, who notes, “Although Burtynsky’s consistently stunning photographs of industrial landscapes can wordlessly convey with awesome grandeur the eroding environmental conditions worldwide, this interview complements and broadens the impact of the work with a discussion of the artist’s deep exploration of a[…..]

Best of 2012 – #Hashtags: Lolo, the Virgin Bride

On the last day of 2012, we bring you an article from #Hashtags, our bi-weekly column on art and politics. This article was written by DailyServing contributor, Carmen Winant, and selected by DS publisher, Seth Curcio. “Carmen seemlessly weaves her personal narrative into an article that wrestles with notions of performance, image, and control. Within this context, she is able to address so many issues[…..]


DailyServing’s Best of 2012 continues with BLUESKIES/BLACK DEATH, a review by Ruth Hodgins. “Ruth is great at grounding the crux of her review in a way that is accessible and concise. This article demonstrates her ability to illustrate things clearly without relying on pure description, as she is good about situating the work within an art historical context.” -Catlin Moore —————————————————— In skydiving, the term Blue[…..]

Best Of 2012 – Weaving, Not Cloth: Mark Bradford

Most of you know of Bean Gilsdorf as the author of DailyServing’s popular art advice column, Help Desk. However, occasionally Bean will step away from Help Desk to contribute an interview, article, or review. Today’s Best Of 2012, Weaving, Not Cloth: Mark Bradford, was written by Bean Gilsdorf and selected by DS contributor Emily Macaux. “In Weaving, Not Cloth, Bean offers a nuanced and penetrating[…..]

Best of 2012 – #Hashtags: Is the artworld too insular?

DailyServing’s Best of 2012 continues today with the article Is the artworld too insular, selected by DS’s Help Desk columnist Bean Gilsdorf. “Danielle Sommer‘s #Hashtags series continues to be thought-provoking, but I especially enjoyed her take on the firing of former LA MOCA curator Paul Schimmel and the idea that it’s mainstream American culture that is truly insular. -Bean Gilsdorf. —————————————————— My day job (radio production) can complement[…..]

Best of 2012 – Nope.

Until the New Year, we are posting selections from the Best of 2012 on DailyServing. Chosen by our roster of over 35 international contributors, the Best of 2012 offers a glimpse into the articles that our writers found most compelling. However, we also want hear from you! Email us a few sentences about your favorite article published on DS in 2012, and over the next few[…..]

Best of 2012 – Zhan Wang: Universe

DailyServing contributor Luise Guest selected Marilyn Goh‘s article, Zhan Wang: Universe for today’s Best of 2012. “Erudite without being pompous or inaccessible, knowledgeably placing this interesting artist within his socio-political and artworld context. A great piece!” -Luise Guest. —————————————————— In The Savage Mind (1962), Claude Lévi-Strauss made a case for “the intrinsic value of a small-scale model” of art, legitimising the art of the miniature because[…..]