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The Curators Battle is a pretty direct title for an experimental concept event. The Grimmuseum hosted two curators, Carson Chan and Aaron Moulton, who each organized separate shows in adjacent galleries, pulling work from the same artists. For added drama, there was a vote to choose the better show. At it’s best, forcing the audience to consider the behind the scenes development of an art[…..]

Karin Sander at n.b.k.

My natural tendency, when looking at trash in an art gallery, is to play detective and treat the waste as anthropological evidence. For her solo show at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Karin Sander has cut six holes in the floor of the gallery’s administrative office where trash cans used to sit. Located directly above the gallery, the administration’s waste now falls down from the office space[…..]

Monument D.I.Y.

With its chaotic visual imagery, Agathe Snow’s All Access World feels like Berlin. There are a ton of brightly colored images posted on the walls covering the entire room. In the middle, is an array of what could be small parade floats, approximations of internationally recognized monuments, sometimes crudely made out of a mish-mash of materials. The floor is covered partially with a bright pink[…..]

Gustav Hellberg’s Obstruction

Gustav Hellberg’s Obstruction at Hamish Morrison Gallery began in a stark grey room, empty except for a model-train size road barrier bar lit up on a pedestal in the center. The sporadic hum of a quiet motor could be heard from the second room. There, a 3×3 grid pattern of twenty-four real, working barrier bars consumed most of the floor space of the second room,[…..]

Artur Żmijewski

Concerned with the role of the individual in society, Artur Żmijewski produces works which expose social conflicts. His manifesto, Applied Social Arts, anchors his practice in two ways – art as a valid means of knowledge production, and the use of art to address the political and the social. In comparison to the social sciences, art is seldom drawn upon as a form of knowledge.[…..]

Jan Mancuska: Everything that really is, but has been forgotten

From time to time we will bring you content from our partnering websites. This week we decided to ramp up some of that cross coverage and bring your interviews and articles from the Huffington Post, Beautiful / Decay and Art Practical. Today we are bringing you a recent article from our friends over at This coverage of Jan Mancuska‘s current exhibition Everything that really[…..]

Roman Ondák

The work of Slovakian artist Roman Ondák has been referred to as “intervention,” a label which makes reference to the way a piece confronts the viewer with an unexpected experience. Ondák, who is currently participating in the Berlin Biennale through August 8, 2010, creates work that is at once mischievous, hilarious and stone serious. He deals with social issues of both the grand and trivial[…..]