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Faig Ahmed Reimagines Traditional Azerbaijani Carpets

Faig Ahmed. Double Stretching, 2010; woolen handmade carpet; 98 x 39 in. Courtesy Faig Ahmed.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Beautiful/Decay, today we bring you the work of artist Faig Ahmed. Ahmed, who lives in Baku, was recently nominated for the Jameel Prize at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The article was written by Larissa Erin Greer and originally published on June 25, 2013. With a serious understanding of classic carpet-making techniques, Azerbaijani sculptor Faig Ahmed is able to stretch, distort[…..]

Doug Aitken: 100 YRS

Central to Doug Aitken’s “100 YRS” exhibition at 303 Gallery is a new “Sonic Fountain,” in which water drips from 5 rods suspended from the ceiling, falling into a concrete crater dug out of the gallery floor. The flow of water itself is controlled so as to create specific rhythmic patterns that will morph, collapse and overlap in shifting combinations of speed and volume, lending the physical phenomenon the[…..]

Behind the Scenes

As part of our ongoing partnership with Beautiful/Decay, today we bring you photographs by Vienna-based artist Klaus Pichler. Like many of us photographer Pichler wondered what happened at museums after hours. However Pichler took the next step and contacted his local natural history museum to see if he could poke around after hours and document his findings. The result of Pichler’s curiousity is a multi-year project titled “Skeletons In The[…..]

Artist Interview: Rachel de Joode

As a part of our ongoing partnership with Beautiful Decay, today we bring you an interview with Berlin-based painter Rachel de Joode. Rachel de Joode is a Dutch artist living in Berlin. Recently, she’s produced a prolific number of sculptural works that break down common perception through the use of unique materials, concepts, and execution. Her work is patently of our time, drawing on themes of technology,[…..]

Real Places: An Interview with Justin John Greene


Today’s feature is brought to you by our friends at Beautiful/Decay. Read below to find a recently released artist interview with Los Angeles-based painter Justin John Greene. Los Angeles has always held a special place in the hearts and minds of Americans, but for most it exists in an almost fictional capacity.  Hollywood isn’t a real place – it’s a postcard, a huge sign on the side[…..]

B/D Presents: Studio Visit with Eric Yanker

Our friends at Beautiful/Decay just released a great studio visit video with Los Angeles-based artist Eric Yanker. It’s a must see… Los Angeles artist Eric Yahnker opened the doors of his downtown studio to Beautiful/Decay and Visual Creatures to give our readers insight into his witty, iconic work that is layered with pop culture influences and the deconstruction of its icons. Eric discusses his career[…..]

Artist Interview: Pat Perry

Today’s feature is brought to you from our friends at Beautiful/Decay. As part of their ongoing Artist Interview Series, B/D sat down with artist and illustrator Pat Perry to see what is happening in the studio. Between train cars and mopeds, and over the course of thousands of miles, Pat Perry slowly realizes his dream of busting outside the confines of the mundane. All too[…..]