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Summer Session – Kid Fridge Prince

Illustration by Anne McGuire. Courtesy of the Artist.

For this month’s Summer Session we’re thinking about celebrity, and the ways in which the ideas and connotations of celebrity impact our lives and our art. Today, we bring you three interwoven stories from our friends at Art Practical by Lindsey Boldt, Anne McGuire, and Steve Orth, who take the late, great Prince as the inspiration and guide for their surreal, collaborative project. This article was[…..]

Best of the Bay? Bay Area Now 6.

Writing about “Bay Area Now 6” calls to mind the joke about the elephant described by six blind men. With 18 artists showing 98 objects, its identity depends on where you stand. This triennial survey of current art in the San Francisco Bay area is a leviathan, a potpourri of media, artists and diverse agendas. Making matters more difficult, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts—with[…..]