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The 7th Annual Midwestern Assorted Produce Snuff Shorts Film Triennial

In its last week at Boots Contemporary Arts Space in St.Louis is the exhibition The 7th Annual Midwestern Assorted Produce Snuff Shorts Film Triennial. The group show consists of video and performance works by the artists Benjamin Bellas, Clinton King, Noelle Mason, Magdalen Wong, Justin Cooper and Ross Moreno, whom often collaborate under the curatorial moniker “i.e.” The videos on display range from Noelle Mason’s[…..]

Aaron Noble

Artist Aaron Noble was recently profiled in an artist video produced by Osmosis TV and Beautiful/Decay Magazine. The artist creates a diverse range of works, all of which are centered on superhero comic imagery. His core practice involves large site-specific murals, some of which are several stories tall, however he also creates small works on paper and prints. The artist has created edition prints with[…..]

Daniel Gordon: Studio Visit

Artist, Daniel Gordon, creates amazingly innovative, albeit low-tech photographs. His photos begin as cheaply printed internet-based images constructed into temporary sculptures which are re-photographed for their final presentation. The process resembles something from Frankenstein’s studio, as the artist assembles body parts and objects to reconfigure them in an endless cycle of creation. During a much anticipated visit, had the pleasure to meet the artist[…..]

Robbie Conal

Los Angeles-based artist Robbie Conal has made a name for himself over the past several decades for his poignantly irreverent and ultra-humorous political posters featuring unforgettable one-liner jokes. The artist wittingly simplifies issues that surround political figures and delivers the work to a mass audience by creating reproductions of his painting, pasting the posters in cities throughout the country. His clever insight can be seen[…..]

Gedi Sibony

Gedi Sibony‘s current exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis features frugally elegant sculptures made from a span of mundane materials. Wittily titled My Arms Are Tied Behind My Other Arms, this is Sibony’s first solo show in a museum. His tender brand of minimalism seems especially appropriate during an economic downturn; his work acknowledges the lyrical potential of things that are fairly[…..]

TV Moore

While in Miami earlier this month, was fortunate enough to visit with artist TV Moore. Perhaps best known for his multi-media video installations, Moore was exhibiting APOCATOPIA (vol. 1) with Baer Ridgway Exhibitions at the Pulse Miami Art Fair. Moore splits his time between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, producing films, videos, and theatrical performances. Much of the artist’s work makes use of fragmented[…..]

Pipilotti Rist

“You could lie on the floor and be completely losing yourself, time-wise and space-wise,” says curator Klaus Biesenbach of Pipilotti Rist‘s new video installation in the Museum of Modern Art‘s atrium. The installation, called Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters), was commissioned by MoMA and has been in the works for two years. Pour Your Body Out, which officially opened to the public on[…..]