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Help Desk: Studio Trouble

Tracey Emin in her studio, circa 1996.

Help Desk is where I answer your queries about making, exhibiting, finding, marketing, buying, selling–or any other activity related to contemporary art. Submit your questions anonymously here. All submissions become the property of Daily Serving. A few months ago I moved into my first professional studio, which I share with two other artists. They have been friends for a long time, but I don’t see much[…..]

From the Archives – Help Desk: Self-Promotion

Andy Warhol, People on the Street, ca. 1980. © Andy Warhol. Gift of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. RISD Museum, Providence, RI.

This week’s Help Desk art-advice column looks back to a question from a “feral” artist and provides some strategies for self-promoting an exhibition. Got a question for our Help Desk? Submit your queries anonymously here.  I’m an artist in [redacted city] and I just got a solo show at a little gallery. I have no idea how to promote it. I didn’t go to art school and I’m[…..]

Summer Session – How to Make It: 10 Rules for Success From Art Curators

RoseLee Goldberg and Performa board member Todd Bishop at Relâche, 2012. Image via Paula Court and the original posting.

For our Back to School Summer Session, we’ve taken a look at education, pedagogy, and learning in the arts from a broad perspective, including work informed by school or schools of thought, investigations into the current state of academia, and resources for those interested in either self-directed or formal education. Today for our final installment we bring you an excerpt from an article by Cedar Pasori at Complex, who asked[…..]

Summer Session – What’s Your Time Management Personality?

Charles Ray. Clock Man, 1978; wood, paint, human body; 30 x 30 x 54 in. Courtesy of the Artist.

This Summer Session our topic is Back to School, and in addition to exploring how art and education intersect, we are also providing resources that might be useful for artists working in the academy or for those interested in self-directed learning. Today we bring you an article by Lauren Zander from the Freelancers Union, whose time-management profiles give readers an opportunity to evaluate their personal relationships to[…..]

Summer Session – 50 Ways to Take Care of Yourself in the Arts

Diane Borsato. Sleeping with Cake, 1999; discrete performance and photographs. Montréal, Canada. Courtesy of the Artist.

For our final Summer Session we’re going Back to School, and in addition to examining how pedagogy, learning, and the arts intersect, we are also providing how-tos and resources for artists practicing within education. Today we bring you an excerpt from an article by Madeleine Dore that focuses on ways to practice self-care as an artist, an oft-overlooked but critically important function. While these tips are[…..]

Summer Session – Help Desk: Back to School

Barry McGee, Untitled #29, 2002. Paint (mixed media) on wood panels, 96 x 144 inches

Our topic this Summer Session is Back to School, and today we bring you an article from our arts-advice column Help Desk about that very thing. Here, Bean Gilsdorf outlines her best advice for getting the most out of an arts program, particularly as an undergraduate, and how to jump-start personal development as an artist, whether you practice as a student, professionally, or independently. This[…..]

Summer Session – Help Desk: Group Crit

Beatriz Milhazes. Sinfonia Nordestina, 2008; Acrylic on canvas, 96 7/8 X 144 7/8 inches

This Summer Session we’re going Back to School, and today we bring you a question from our arts-advice column Help Desk about how to get the most out of an MFA program. Group crits can be the most nerve-wracking and rewarding aspects of an MFA, and here Bean Gilsdorf, Whitney Lynn, and Rhonda Holberton weigh in on the best ways to make sure yours are both[…..]