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AMBACH & RICE in Seattle is currently presenting Supramundane, a group exhibition guest curated by Elizabeth Burke. On view until May 31st are works in various media by Tomoo Gokita, Robyn O’Neil, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, and Whiting Tennis. Surpamundane is a Buddhist term that means “being situated above the world or above our system; celestial.” This enlightened state is achieved through intense[…..]

Aperture – A Photographic Opening

Currently on view at Dallas’ PanAmerican ArtProjects, with one week remaining, is Aperture – A Photographic Opening. This group exhibition samples the work of six photographers including Andrea Cote, Gory, Daniel Joglar, Jane Martin, Pablo Soria, and Laura Wilson. Each artist employs a different photographic technique, ranging from Wilson’s more traditional landscapes to Cotes’ unconventional self-portraits. Andrea Cote’s black and white digital self-portraits are indicative[…..]

Amelie Chabannes

The recent work of Amelie Chabannes is vivid, delicate, and contemplative, begging the question of identity. Her medium varies tremendously and includes sculpture, drawing, and painting. She attributes her technique to that of the automatic surrealists. Some of her drawings recall those of Andre Masson. This in mind, a thematic continuity emerges when looking at body of her work. Like those before her, Chabannes is[…..]

Julienne Hsu

The opening of Wish You Were Here marked a milestone for young painter Julienne Hsu. The exhibition ran from March 9th through the 13th at CGU’s East Gallery. It was Hsu’s first solo exhibition sampling her work from the past few years. The exhibition featured a variety of subjects including dogs, humans, and machines. Her concern lies in the juxtaposition of nature and the imposition[…..]