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On view at the Andrew Shire Gallery through June 13 is a group exhibition entitled, Clutter, featuring installation and sculpture from six California-based artists including Nancy Braver, Helen Chung, Carmen Daniel, Chris Ellis, Chris Sicat, and Keith Walsh. As the name suggests, the show prompts the viewer to consider the work as it exists in relation to the space. Each artist represents a different approach[…..]


Chelsea’s Black & White Gallery presents its latest group exhibition, Commune, curated by Dominique Nahas. The name deliberately refers to the various meanings and usages of the word “commune.” Nahas draws attention to the crucial role of the art community within society. The show itself emphasizes this importance by choosing to include works that are considered not to be expensive, making the artwork accessible to[…..]

John Waters

The Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, recently held an exhibition showcasing photographs and sculpture by filmmaker John Waters. Entitled, Rear Projection, the name is derived from the term as used to describe a special film effect in which a background is projected onto a screen behind actors in the studio. This now dated method began in the 1930s, showing characters driving in cars and scenes[…..]

Jeff Jamieson

On view at David Patton Gallery in Los Angeles until May 30, is Jeff Jamieson’s latest exhibition, Sculpture. This marks the second solo show at the gallery for the San Luis Obispo based artist. Both Jamieson’s history and the history of sculpture are visually present in the works, reminding the viewer of the importance of the past. Opposing forces are at work, the artist juxtaposes[…..]

Marilyn Minter

On view at Salon 94 Freemans until June 13 is Marilyn Minter’s exhibition entitled, Green Pink Caviar. Minter is known for her interest in exploring the boundaries between high and low art. Not only does the work itself express this dichotomy, so does her method of exhibition, choosing to display her photographs on billboards and commercials, as well as in the gallery. Evident through her[…..]

Adriana Varejao

Last Thursday marked the opening of Adriana Varejao‘s new exhibition at Lehmann Maupin, Two Paintings and Ten Drawings, which will run through July 10. The works in the show appear more subdued than many of her previous works, but don’t be fooled. After more consideration, the viewer is confronted with an exhibition full of art historical references and cultural histories. The lines and forms are[…..]

Bob Matthews

Londoner Bob Matthews’ latest exhibition entitled, Garden Ruin, is on view at the Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, from May 7 though June 27. Garden Ruin addresses the familiar issue of humans in nature, or in this case, superimposed on nature. Matthews’ landscapes have a certain untamed quality, likely resulting from exposure to the English style of landscape design. Although highly stylized, the English garden[…..]