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Althea Thauberger

“Zivildienst Kunstprojekt, Kunstprojekt Zivildienst” translates to “Social Service Art Project, Art Project Social Service” and is a new series by Canadian artist Althea Thauberger at John Connelly Presents in New York. Long periods of research in social and political developments led the artist into collaborative performances that intend to reveal a particular group consciousness and civil responsibility. Thauberger collaborates with various social groups, engaging them[…..]

E.V. Day

The installation “Bride Fight” is a suspended moment in an explosion of combat between two bridal gowns. Artist E.V. Day has created a series of sculptures that challenge conventional feminine stereotypes through exploding women’s garments. Installed in several locations is “G-Force,” an installation with hundreds of g-strings in fighter jet formation. Each sculpture is constructed with a complex wire system used to suspend small pieces[…..]

Jay Davis

Brooklyn-based painter Jay Davis is currently exhibiting a new series of paintings with the Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica, Calif. Davis creates large acrylic paintings on vinyl that distort reality and space by flattening images and overlaying the painting with geometric patterns. Each painting is meticulously rendered with layers of mysterious symbols and forms, some of which are more ambiguous than others. Davis was[…..]

Chris Gentile

New York-based artist Chris Gentile creates sculptures for the sole purpose of photographing them. The artist exhibits each work as a large photographic C-print, thus distancing the actual object from the viewer. His images promote a conceptual space relation and deception of reality through the ambiguity of form. The artist constructs the objects specifically for the photograph, creating a co-dependency between object and image. Chris[…..]

Shen Shaomin

Chinese artist Shen Shaomin creates new hybrid creatures by reconfiguring and combining the bones of several different animals. Using real bone, the artist is able to produce natural history museum-quality exhibitions that are as interesting scientifically as they are artistically. Each piece represents fables, folklore and mythology, while simultaneously referencing contemporary issues of genetic modification and hyper experimentation in science. His creatures in death reveal[…..]

Mudwig Dans

Opening this month at DreamBagsJaguarShoes (MySpace) in London is an exhibition by the influential Bristol-based artist Mudwig Dans. Dans has developed a reputation as an innovative yet elusive underground artist. Infusing an aesthetic rooted in 20th-century propaganda posters, illustrations and animation, Dans daringly juxtaposes found photographic imagery with experimental computer-based alterations. The subversive images contained in the work reference forms often found in Disney and[…..]

Ulrike Palmbach

In a recent exhibition with the Stephen Wirtz Gallery, artist Ulrike Palmbach created a series of materially rich and ambiguous sculptures that employ a sense of dark humor and illusion. The artist often renders common objects by hand in materials such as felt, muslin, wood and stains. At a distance, each piece is seemingly normal, but, upon further inspection, one can see that each exhibited[…..]