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Alex Lukas: These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder

Due to the ubiquity of image and video today, we have become accustomed to witnessing disasters, both man made and natural, unfold in front of our very eyes. Because of the easy access of imagery and news media, it seems as if these disasters are growing at an exponential rate and are perhaps starting to spiral out of control. The recent onslaught of crisis’, be[…..]

Andreas Gursky

Attempting to map the unknown in order to better understand the world around us has long been a product of human curiosity. The oceans have always existed as the ultimate site of uncertainty on our planet for humans, and a consistent point of interest by artists and scientists alike. However, historically the oceans have been mapped and charted only in regards to the land mass[…..]

Joan Linder

In an attempt to reconcile sources of daily anxiety while simultaneously recording seemingly mundane facets of life, artist Joan Linder painstakingly illustrates the objects that fill her days. Objects such as junk mail, weeds, resumes, and domestic items are all rendered with the greatest of detail through the most economic of means, paper and pen. Cost of Living is the title of the artist’s most[…..]

Chris Beas: Tamburello

Los Angeles based artist Chris Beas is currently presenting a new exhibition titled Tamburello at Martha Otero Gallery in L.A. Similar to previous exhibitions by the Beas, Tamburello consists of several flat works which are bridged by a larger freestanding sculptural installation in the center of the gallery. The exhibition focuses acutely on the events of May 1st 1994 when Formula One driver Ayrton Senna[…..]

Artists Explore Screen Space

Artists Explore Screen Space is the title of a new exhibition of video based artworks on view at The Power Plant in Toronto, presented as part of the 23rd Images Festival. For the exhibition, artists Sharon Lockhart, Ryan Trecartin, Peter Campus and Joachim Koester are presenting recent video projects that vary widely, while  addressing the moving image and the idea of screen space. Lockhart is[…..]

Kathy Grayson

The translation of information from an original event to a digital screen takes many forms. While the process of transferring data from the camera to satellite to analogue broadcast to a digital screen device occurs countless times each day, we usually absorb this information with little to no awareness of the process. Fueled by this topic, painter Kathy Grayson is currently presenting a new body[…..]

Zilvinas Kempinas

Lithuania-born artist Zilvinas Kempinas creates site-specific installations that re-contextualize materials such as video tape to transform physical space into utter illusion. The physical and optical impact on the viewer is caused by precise geometry that utilizes both structure and light. Illusions of velocity and vibration are echoed through the space to accentuate the architecture and provide a new way of experiencing a familiar and otherwise[…..]