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I saw the light was on, by Mie Kongo

"meeting you unexpectedly", 2011, image courtesy of the artist.

Living in a major city like Chicago, I seldom travel outside the city limits to visit an art gallery. But the recent exhibition “I saw the light was on” by Mie Kongo, was a “must do” trip. Kongo’s work is currently on view at Heuser Art Center at Bradley University, Peoria, where the sizable space with exceptional natural light provides the perfect atmosphere for the subtle and[…..]



In skydiving, the term Blue Skies, Black Death originated from the parachute infantry motto “Mors Ab Alto” in Latin, or “death from above”. To skydivers, it can be regarded as a greeting / farewell, or to indicate a fatality during a skydive. Yet, the exhibition BLUESKIES/BLACK DEATH by Noelle Mason at Thomas Robertello Gallery in Chicago is not about skydiving nor death. It is a metaphor[…..]

Heidi Norton at Chicago Works Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Herbarium Specimens--An Intersection, 2012

From rich botanical sculptures, to the ghostly ethereal composition of each photograph, Heidi Norton has created an exhibition of polarity. Housed in the intimate BMO Harris Banks Chicago Works gallery in the corner of the 3rd floor at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago; Norton has composed an exhibition that combines her undulating and vulnerable sculptures, with photographed installations that barely come into existence, only[…..]

Vincent Vulsma – A Sign of Autumn

Vincent Vulsma’s exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam explores the use of appropriation through the history of Dutch colonial expansion. He presents a contemporary artistic perspective on our relationship with colonialism beyond imperial history. Using and re-working a number of works originally seen in the ‘African Negro Art’ exhibition in New York’s MOMA in 1935, Vulsma displays the historic artifacts along with modern designs,[…..]

Eindhoven – The City as a Muse.

When contemplating the city of Eindhoven, in the south of the Netherlands, one’s mind typically reaches for the successful football team, PSV Eindhoven or the international product giants, Philips. A city more closely associated to manufacture and design rather than to the expressive and conceptual world of contemporary art. Therefore, it was a welcome surprise to visit the Van Abbemuseum, and view the current exhibition[…..]

Scarlett Hooft Graafland / Soft Horizons

Performance, installation, and a camera. It is on a rare occasion that I attend an exhibition and struggle to walk away from what is hanging on the walls, even with the allure of many excellent pubs outside. Scarlett Hooft Graafland’s Soft Horizons at the beautiful location of the Museum Huis Voor Fotografie Marseille in Amsterdam, stopped me in my tracks with a rich array of[…..]

America’s Southwest in Amsterdam.

Anya Gallaccio’s current exhibition ‘highway’ at Annet Gelink Gallery in Amsterdam, is a graceful expression of a personal journey through the life and career of this leading British artist. Widely known for the ephemeral nature of her chosen materials, Gallaccio typically emphasizes notions of permanence, time, and decay. Yet, in her fourth show with Annet Gelink Gallery a preference for transient organic material has been[…..]