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Daniel Richter

Oh la la, Daniel Richter’s new exhibition at Contemporary Fine Arts in Berlin is not what most avid viewers of the artist’s work have come to expect. While it includes over two dozen new paintings by Richter, in a style that is undeniably his own, a number of select new elements leave the exhibition less reconciled – open to the future. The new paintings have[…..]

Edward Clive

Continuing through the rest of the month at Holzmarktstrasse 3 in Berlin-Mitte is an installation of new works by Berlin artist Edward Clive entitled In The Future We Will Exercise For Fun. The ambitious suite of works contains several large sculptural display units; complete with shelfs, photographs, and small sculptures, they describe an uncanny, and occasionally monstrous relationship of the body to space. What makes[…..]

Birgit Megerle

Entitled Soft Skills, Birgit Megerle’s exhibition at Galerie Neu in Berlin presents her most recent suite of paintings. Megerle’s past exhibition in 2007 at Daniel Reich Gallery in New York laid the groundwork for using the gallery’s physical space to make painting theatrical. At Galerie Neu, she extends this line of thinking, showing how ideas are transposed between painting, music and literature. A flaneur smokes[…..]