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From the DS Archives: Kathy Grayson

This Sunday’s From the DS Archives unearths a feature on artist Kathy Grayson that presents a compelling example of contemporary painting.  While Grayson’s work is realized in paint, her process capitalizes on the technologies of globalization.  She appropriates You Tube footage and then uses computer programs to capture and abstract the transference of data, which facilitates digital broadcasting.  Grayson’s Bangalore series visualizes an otherwise invisible[…..]

Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception

Francis Alÿs in collaboration with Olivier Debroise and Rafael Ortega. A Story of Deception, Patagonia, 2006 still from 16mm film (4:20). Courtesy of Francis Alÿs and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich © Francis Alÿs. A Story of Deception is the title of Francis Alÿs‘ current retrospective on view at the Tate Modern. The title of the exhibition, which spans the artist’s two-decade long career is borrowed[…..]

From the DS Archives: Pablo Zuleta Zahr, Event Horizon

This week’s edition of From the DS Archives reintroduces a feature on artist Pablo Zuleta Zahr written by Allison Gibson.  Zahr’s ‘patterned panoramas’ offer an innovative study of contemporary mobility – finding beauty in the shared urgency of the urban commute.  Zahr’s observance of the everyday suggests that we should pause to appreciate the moment as we navigate our busy lives. The subway in any[…..]

From the DS Archives: Come Hither Noise

This Sunday, From the DS Archives presents Come Hither Noise.  We have chosen to reintroduce this previously published article for the way it gives singular attention to sound – an often overlooked element of contemporary visual art practice.  Come Hither Noise reminds us that sound can also stand alone as a compelling medium of exploration that is appropriately situated in the gallery space. Come Hither[…..]

Rachel Khedoori

Artist Rachel Khedoori explores encounters with space and their psychological implications.  According to the Venice Biennale’s Making Worlds catalog, Khedoori’s art practice ‘invites viewers to see hidden or forgotten spaces’ – spaces that are ‘generated by the limits of memory’.  In Cave Model, presented at that show, Khedoori referenced Plato’s Cave Myth and cited it as a source of inspiration.  Yet her art practice deviates[…..]

From the DS Archives: MOCA Education Department

This Sunday’s choice from the DS Archives is based on the reality that present curatorial practice is quite often guided by pedagogical concerns – making education programs increasingly important to exhibition-making.  In light of this trend, we bring our readers a previously published interview with Denise Gray of MOCA’s Education Department. DailyServing’s Sasha Lee recently had the chance to sit down with Denise Gray of[…..]

Summer of Utopia from the DS Archives: Meeson Pae Yang

From the DS Archives introduces this week’s series, Summer of Utopia, in which we investigate seven different artists who either employ or interrupt ideas of utopia. Today we are exploring utopia by returning to a past feature on artist Meeson Pae Yang.  Utopia – a broad conceptual imagining of a progressive and perfected society – has engaged many thinkers over the centuries since Sir Thomas[…..]