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Cassandra C Jones: Send Me a Link

While contemporary technology has brought forth droves of artists and amateurs alike using digital means to create a photograph, Cassandra C Jones explores digital media without adding to a world over saturated with images. In her current solo show titled Send Me a Link, with Baer Ridgway Exhibitions in San Francisco, Jones recycles images found through internet research and recontextualizes them through still and animated[…..]

Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner & Seth Curcio at Cerasoli Gallery

Mario Wagner This Saturday in Culver City, Cerasoli Gallery will present new work from three artists: Matt Phillips, Mario Wagner and Seth Curcio. The three artists implement collage to reference sound, vintage imagery and mass commerce. Each show will run from this Saturday, June 13th through July 8th. In gallery one at Cerasoli Gallery, Matt Phillips will present a new body of vibrant paintings that[…..]

Abbey Williams

Recently opening at BELLWETHER in New York is an exhibition by Abbey Williams titled (STILL). In this body of work, Williams creates video portraits where she superimposes herself over a still image. In addition to these videos, she presents several multiple channel videos which Williams uses her figure to try to match the figure in the image, dissolving herself into art historical and pop culture[…..]

DALEK: Broken, Beaten and Buried

Broken, Beaten and Buried is the title of a new site specific installation by the artist James Marshall (aka Dalek), currently on view at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina. The exhibition was organized by DailyServing founder and editor Seth Curcio, and was completed in its entirety over a seven day period by a team of 10 assistants led by Dalek himself.[…..]

The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

Over the past forty five days, Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina has exhibited new paintings by Matt Phillips and Josef Kristofoletti, in a show titled the The Sun Machine Is Coming Down. The exhibition uses the language of geometric abstraction to discuss scientific processes, phenomenological experiences, and the nature of illusion. The artists, who met in graduate school at Boston University, push[…..]

William Speakman

This year, PULSE Miami housed some of the most advantageous work of all the fairs. Most of the galleries in PULSE didn’t stick to the strict painting or photograph on the wall, but chose work full of experimentation and exploration of ideas. One of the most poetic of these works came from 2×2 Projects out of Amsterdam. The artist, William Speakman, created a site-specific installation[…..]

Marian Drew

Another highlight from the Scope Art Fair in Miami this year came from the Hous Projects Gallery. This New York based gallery brought work from several interesting artists, but the clear stand out was the photographer Marian Drew. Drew uses masterfully lit scenes of bounty to slowly awaken the viewer to the horrors of human destruction. Her photographs reference Renaissance still life, with beautiful fruit[…..]