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Interview with Jim Campbell

In a world consumed by technology, there is no doubt that countless artists have adopted many forms of new media into their work. In today’s art world, what is harder to find is an artist whose work seamlessly uses technology and image-making to show us something new about the way we understand the world around us. Jim Campbell‘s work does just that. His work effortlessly[…..]

7 Days of Myth

Over the next 7 days, DailyServing will be bringing you the first installment of a new series that considers a selection of new international artists through one central topic. This week, our writers tackle the concept of Myth through the work of a variety of artists by way of features, articles, reviews and interviews. Check back every day this week to see how our artists[…..]

Gary Lee Boas

In a day and age where photographing celebrities is a multi-million dollar business, seeing the photographs of Gary Lee Boas only complicates this already murky water. On view at Country Club Projects in Cincinnati, Boas’ exhibition Sentimental Journey shows a series of beautifully nostalgic celebrity images referencing a very familiar place and time, while questioning the roll of the celebrity image, the fan and the[…..]

Andrew Dadson at Lawrimore Project

When one encounters an abstract painting with goopy paint and an expressionist hand, it is still hard not to be seduced by the sheer beauty of it. But in a day when even painting has to be smart, it is always a relief to find someone making objects that make you rethink your relationship to the world, not to mention your relationship to paint itself.[…..]

Catherine Opie at Regen Projects

Closing next weekend at Regen Projects II in Los Angeles is new work by Catherine Opie. These photographs titled Twelve Miles to the Horizon document Opie’s trip on a container ship from Korea to Long Beach, capturing the sunrise and sunset across the ten days of the trip. Each image is composed with equal amount of water and sky, deliberately placing the viewer in the[…..]

Johannes Kahrs

I have to admit, there is nothing more impressive to me than a well executed painting, and spending some time with the work of Johannes Kahrs has done nothing but revive this fascination. Living somewhere between film, modern news media and history painting, Kahrs’ work seamlessly merges the beauty and tradition of painting and portraiture with banal yet grotesque objectivity, seducing the viewer into a[…..]

Chris Anthony

Los Angeles-based photographer, American Photo’s Images the Year Competition in 2007. Anthony was born and raised in Stockholm and has exhibited with the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, and the