Heather Van Winckle

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Monument D.I.Y.

With its chaotic visual imagery, Agathe Snow’s All Access World feels like Berlin. There are a ton of brightly colored images posted on the walls covering the entire room. In the middle, is an array of what could be small parade floats, approximations of internationally recognized monuments, sometimes crudely made out of a mish-mash of materials. The floor is covered partially with a bright pink[…..]

Gustav Hellberg’s Obstruction

Gustav Hellberg’s Obstruction at Hamish Morrison Gallery began in a stark grey room, empty except for a model-train size road barrier bar lit up on a pedestal in the center. The sporadic hum of a quiet motor could be heard from the second room. There, a 3×3 grid pattern of twenty-four real, working barrier bars consumed most of the floor space of the second room,[…..]