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Today From the DS Archives we bring you a piece written by Catherine Wagley from her L.A. Expanded column, which was published between 2010-2012. Like many great pieces suitable for a Sunday read (and like most all from her column) Fandom collages recognizable subjects, like the relationship between Tennessee Williams and Elizabeth Taylor, with new artists, like Justin Lowe. This article was originally published on July 6, 2012[…..]

Help Desk: The Social Disease

Today From the DS Archives we bring you a piece written by Daily Serving’s new managing editor, Bean Gilsdorf, from her weekly column “Help Desk.” Although only eight months old, the subject matter of her entry “The Social Disease” is still fresh. Featured in the article is work by artist Justin Kemp whose collaborative group Jogging  has a new exhibition “Soon” at the Still House in[…..]

New Histories and Epic Tales: Better a Live Ass than a Dead Lion at Eli Ridgway Gallery

Continued from last week’s From the DS Archives, today we feature an article written by Daily Serving’s founding mother, Julie Henson. Both Henson and her husband Seth Curcio have been the directors of Daily Serving from its beginning, while working and maintaining their own artistic careers. Henson just finished her part of a new exhibition at San Francisco’s Southern Exposure titled Reverse Rehearsals in which[…..]

Daniel Gordon: Studio Visit / The Constructed Image

In honor of Daily Serving’s roots, today we feature two articles written by the website’s founding father, Seth Curcio. The second article featured below is on a show that he assembled and curated at Redux Contemporary Arts Center in Charleston, SC. The group show included artist Daniel Gordon who is now represented by M+B Gallery and whose first solo show in L.A. The Green Line opened yesterday evening.[…..]

The Girl Chewing Gum, and the Perils of Google

Today from the DS Archives we bring you an article written by Michelle Shultz about British film and video artist John Smith’s most recent work. While Shultz focuses on the compulsion to research one’s online presence, the issue of reserving the rights to personal property that has made it onto the web seems a subject worth considering alone. With the onslaught of online privacy issues,[…..]

Help Desk: Rock the Lecture

Today from the DS Archives, we’d like to help you start your week off with gusto by revisiting a piece written by Bean Gilsdorf from her weekly column “Help Desk.” For most of us, public speaking can be trying, stressful and intimidating. And when it comes to lecturing about your own work, it can be all the more overwhelming. In her entry “Rock the Lecture”[…..]

Sunday Boys

Today from the archives we bring you an article by Catherine Wagley titled Sunday Boys. The article was originally published on August 13, 2010 as part of her weekly column L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast. L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley   I spent Sunday looking at boys. It began at LACMA, where I saw Catherine Opie’s quarterbacks, linebackers[…..]