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Craig Hawkins

Craig Hawkins work enhances the beauty of the world around us through the expression of a rich and deeply spiritual faith. Mediating on the word of God, Hawkins hones in on elemental truths of the Bible. The artist creates vivid imagery through transcendental compositions, high contrast narratives, and expressive mark making. The result is an intriguingly unique perspective on religious parables. Hawkins describes his work[…..]

Clayton Brothers

On July 18th the Clayton Brothers unveiled their latest works at the Patrick Painter Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. The long awaited solo exhibition, entitled Jumbo Fruit, explores the underbelly of American culture, reflecting on an age of consumerism and over-stimulation. Using obsessively bold colors, Rob and Christian Clayton generate a tangled myriad of technicolor imagery that stems from the traditional still-life. The brothers transcend[…..]

Jennifer Davis

Minnesota-based artist Jennifer Davis paints a world of folkloric fantasy reminiscent of childhood reverie. Her storybook depictions of animal-like children, whimsical trees, and candy-colored creatures may at first glance seem sublimely playful, but a look beneath the beautifully delicate exterior unveils a narrative deeply seated in emotion. This tension between the illusory and reality hints at the darkness within Davis’s work, but her use of[…..]