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Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor‘s anthropomorphic creatures congregate and come to life in her solo exhibit at the David Salow Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. The seven-foot tall beasts known as No Names are on display through February 28th. Overall, O’Connor’s larger than life characters have temperaments like mischievous house pets, each with a unique and memorable personality. The artist builds her sculptures by attaching well-worn scraps[…..]

Sush Machida Gaikotsu

Western Project‘s current exhibit, Sush Machida Gaikotsu: New Wave of Turner, New School Pollock is as rife with art historical reference as it is pertinent to contemporary art. Public Image, one of Machida’s smaller, four-part compositions, entices us to enter the gallery, where we’re surrounded by roiling seas and flocculent clouds. The mural-scale paintings are multi-paneled and linked by vibrant lines that follow a spiral[…..]

Amy Bennett

Amy Bennett‘s newest work captures viewers with cinematic scenes marked by stark contrasts. Reflective symmetry, gestural figures and overcast skies portend any number of human misfortunes. Past first glance, her acute realism reveals that she studies more still-lifes than she paints en plein air. Her crisp lines and angular brush strokes depict the multifaceted surfaces of a 13 x 3′ styrofoam and resin model of[…..]