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Veronique Branquinho

There is a long history of art being presented along side fashion. These exhibitions have left one with the feeling that the art is being used to lend conceptual weight to the clothes. But the rigorous exhibitions mounted at Antwerp’s Fashion Museum makes it clear that fashion designers can be as conceptually strong as visual artists. Their current exhibition is an overview of fashion designer[…..]

Matt Mullican

Matt Mullican has been busy creating his own world in a multitude of different media since graduating from Cal Arts in 1974. His current exhibition at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer continues this constructive process. The front room is filled with banners and scale models done under hypnosis, that investigate the workings of the subconscious. The short lived Abstract Expressionist movement pursued a similar process, but, theirs[…..]

Guy Rombouts

Pocket Room has recently opened in Antwerp. Why new galleries continue to open, while the local art market continues to shrink, is anyone’s guess. Maybe it’s the image of success postulated by the other new galleries that spur them on. Let’s hope it’s the pure love of art that has inspired Pocket Room to open their doors. To kick start this new gallery, they have[…..]

Lawrence Weiner

Photo: Ken Adlard Courtesy of the artist and Lisson Gallery And Larry makes three. Over the last month London has had the privilege of hosting new work from three of the father figures of contemporary art. Besides Ed Ruscha and Larry Clark, there was also Lawrence Weiner. Weiner’s exhibition took place at Lisson Gallery, and just ended last week. These guys have inspired generations of[…..]

Larry Clark

In his current exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery in London, the American Artist/filmmaker Larry Clark takes a departure from the focus of his previous works. While his earlier series “Tulsa”, “Teenage Lust” and the film, “Kids”, took a hard unblinking look at teenage sex and drug use. This new series entitled simply, “Los Angeles 2003-2006″, follows the life of Jonathan Velasquez, a teenage Latino skater[…..]

Ed Ruscha

The MTL 1978, Galerie Rudiger Schottle 1978, and Galerie Tanja Grunert 1984. Although these galleries may not be household names, a quick check will make it clear, (considering the other artists they showed early in their careers), that these are ground breaking establishments, and they’ve all shown Ruscha. Another thing that sets Ruscha apart from the field, he doesn’t follow trends, he sets them. Quite[…..]


Is it possible to make sculptures out of sound? The Belgian artist Leo Reijnders believes so. In his on going series “Wolkenbreiers”, Reijnders invites visitors to his radio program to create their own self portraits. His list of guests runs the gamut of cultural thinkers, from renowned local artists, such as Guillaume Bijl, Ria Paquee, Danny De Vos, and Koen Van Den Broek, to international[…..]