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Daryoush Asgar and Elisabeth Gabriel, the Austrian collaborative duo that makes up Asgar/Gabriel, focus of the current Mark Moore Gallery exhibition “Bucolica Obscura,” cites the breadth of art history (with specific nods to Baroque and Abstraction) as influences of the large-scale oil on canvas works of their latest collection. Despite this, the dwellers of their paintings (attractive, scantily clad contemporary twenty-somethings in various states of[…..]

Anthony Goicolea

For many folks, a family get-together is more of a responsibility than a choice activity of leisure. While people so often take their own family’s traditions and history for granted, artist Anthony Goicolea chooses to dig extensively into his for inspiration in his exhibition series, Related. A recent trip to Cuba connected the Atlanta-born, Pratt Institute-educated, first generation American to his cultural and familial past,[…..]